Does Medicare Work for Diabetes?

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Curious about how Medicare addresses diabetes? Diabetes, being a chronic condition, not only affects health but also brings financial concerns. The good news is, there are specialized plans designed to ease this burden. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of Medicare’s role in diabetes management. Our informative videos provide insights into available solutions, helping you navigate financial aspects of this chronic disease. Take the first step towards a clearer understanding by tuning in to our comprehensive discussions.

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Video Transcript

John: Generally speaking, getting the exact medicine, right, the exact dosage and etc. etc. when you’re meeting someone that has diabetes is terribly important in my opinion, right-

Matt: Yeah,

John: -because this is, unfortunately, a chronic disease and, unfortunately, we’re seeing more and more people as very common, unfortunately. But there are certain plans that will help offset some of the liability.

Matt: Yeah, and the government to be fair has taken a lot of strides to helping, specifically insulin. There’s a savings program which helps regulate some of the costs. You know, that was a big, big complaint is that people are paying these astronomical rates and they just can’t afford, right, the medicine that they really need. So there’s been a lot of reform over the years to that and it’s much more affordable now than it used to be.

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