Medicare Advantage vs Medical Supplement

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Confused about choosing the right Medicare plan? You’re not alone. Medicare Advantage and Medical Supplement plans each offer unique benefits, from comprehensive coverage in a single plan to the flexibility of choosing specific add-ons. But what does this mean for your healthcare? Dive into our discussion to unravel the essentials and discover which plan aligns best with your health needs and lifestyle. Watch our video for insights and guidance to make an informed choice.

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Video Transcript

John: Med sup plan, right. It would be a G or an N more likely and then you must purchase a part D, right, prescription plan and then a dental, vision, and hearing which would be lumped into one. Over here you have a meta advantage plan and then we would highly recommend, you don’t have to get it, but I’d highly recommend you consider um looking at a hospital MA plan. Those are the two options.

Matt: Yeah, and in case we didn’t say this, most advantage plans, or a lot of them, it’s called an MAPD plan, can actually include your prescription drug coverage inside that plan. So, it’s another piece that you want to look at making sure that your medications are covered. And any time we choose the advantage route it’s gonna be a network based plan. So, you’re either gonna have an HMO or a PPO and you’re also gonna, you know- what that means is you’re going to be at a set network where you have to go see the doctors and they tell you that if-

John: it’s what we’re used to anyways

Matt: most people yeah

John: They’re like, hey, I can only see this doctor or this one, and if I go out of the network I’m going to pay more, yeah.

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It’s important to note that each individual’s needs and preferences are different, so what works for one person may not be the best choice for another. It’s essential to compare the costs and benefits of all your options, and consult with a licensed Medicare specialist. Our highly trained specialists are eager to help you navigate these important decisions. don’t try to do this alone! Call us at (800) 360-1805 or schedule a free personalized consultation.
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