How Much is Medicare Advantage?

How Much is Medicare Advantage?

For those looking into Medicaid Advantage plans, it can sometimes feel very confusing and daunting. Here at Exact Benefits, we aim to help you navigate this medical world and help you find the plan that best matches your unique needs. Each Medicare Advantage plan is different and specializes in different coverages. Depending on your needs, the coverage, cost, and any deductibles will determine the ending cost.

Medicare Advantage and its Role in the US Healthcare System

Medicare Advantage plans are required to match all the exact requirements of Original Medicare. However, Medicare Advantage offers many additional benefits that the Original Medicare does not include in its plan. While this means you get far more advantages with Medicare Advantage, the cost will change depending on your plan. Luckily, many Medicare Advantage plans have an out-of-pocket maximum, which is the most you will pay in a year for covered services. These costs can even be lower than the out-of-pocket costs with Original Medicare. To know for certain though, it’s essential to review the benefits and costs of your Medicare plan before you enroll.

Understanding Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are private health insurance plans that allow extra coverage for the benefits the Original Medicare doesn’t cover. These additional benefits include hearing, vision, and dental coverage, drug prescription coverage and wellness programs. Enrollment in these programs is optional, of course, and the individual must still continue to pay for their monthly Medicare Part B premium and any premium for the Medicare Advantage plan. Remember that some Medicare Advantage have this additional monthly premium while others do not have this extra cost. Again, each plan has its own rules and prices so it depends on what you are looking for to adequately assess how much the overall cost will be.

Factors Influencing Medicare Advantage Costs

Wondering how much Medicare Advantage costs? While each plan differs, certain factors will most likely influence the ending payment. Any monthly premiums, deductibles, copays, and coinsurance will influence how much your plan will cost. Make sure to check if your plan covers prescription drugs and if the cost is affordable.


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Evaluating Medicare Advantage Costs

Medicare Advantage plans can be divided into two main categories: in-network and out-of-network. An HMO plan, for example, is an in-network that generally helps provide healthcare coverage exclusively from doctors and other healthcare providers. This does make it a slightly cheaper option. On the other hand, a PPO plan is a type of health plan from a private company that you can choose to cover most of your benefits instead of Original Medicare. The POS is an option that allows you to receive coverage for certain services. Both the POS and PPO plans are out of network, but they are usually at a higher cost.

Researching Medicare Advantage Costs

Make sure to compare your Medicare options and do your research before applying. It’s essential to get the coverage you need without paying unnecessary costs. Visit government-sponsored websites such as to learn more. Make sure to check if your preferred doctors, hospitals, and providers are also in the Medicare Advantage plan’s network. You can also reach out to us at Exact Benefits, and we promise to do our best to find the plan that best suits your coverage needs. We know that every individual has different requirements and preferences, and we strive to help you find the Medicare Advantage plan that is perfect for you!


Medicare Advantage plans are created to keep the individual’s needs in mind and help you get the coverage you require. Many benefits aren’t covered within the Original Medicare, and the Medicare Advantage plan strives to help you get the advantages you are looking for. That being said, please thoroughly research any Medicare plan you are considering enrolling in. It’s essential to make informed decisions about the kind of Medicare you require and what is affordable. We would love to help you navigate these critical decisions if you need any more help! You can reach us at (380) 242-2006 or schedule a free personalized consultation. Don’t hesitate to reach out!